Non-Dalits trying to shut down Dalit school

Himalayan News Service

Dhading, May 26:

Although the constitution and laws have prohibited caste discrimination, the so-called upper caste people still practise this age-old tradition to suppress the Dalit community. One such example is that of the Shil Kanya Primary School established by the Dalits to provide education to their children. The so-called upper caste people have said they would not permit to run the school though it is the only Dalit school in the district. There are about 46 students enrolled in the school and Guany Pariyar, a local, has been appointed as a teacher. "The high caste people have been creating hindrance to the smooth operation of the school but Dalits are trying to go ahead at any cost," said Mitthe Biswokarma, chairman of the school management committee.

The District Education Office has already granted permission to run the school and has also provided a temporary teacher for a year. "The non-Dalits have been saying that our school has created problems in the education system of the village," said Gopal Biswokarma, chairman of the Dalit Service Association. "This is a nonsensical argument." Dhruv Raj KC, district education officer, said he had immediately granted permission to run the school, as he believed that the school would benefit poor and the needy people in the village. He said a teacher has also been provided. There are 478 primary schools, 99 lower secondary, 52 secondary and six higher secondary schools in Dhading.