Not a single doctor in Jogbudha Hospital

Dadeldhura, September 20

Patients in Dadeldhura have been compelled to visit expensive private health facilities as Jogbudha Hospital in Parsuram Municipality, Dadeldhura, is currently without any doctor.

Locals in the inner Madhes area of the district are compelled to visit other private health facilities in the district and in India for treatment.

Janak Thapa, a local, said that half of the people of the municipality and Aalital VDC visit other health facilities.

Dr Prakash Darjee, in-charge of Jogbudha Hospital has not been at the hospital for the past one month, and has instead been giving training in Bagkhor. Another doctor of the same hospital Dr Abiral Barakoti is also on official leave.

Senior Assistant Health Worker Ganesh Nath at the hospital said that around 70 to 80 patients visit the hospital daily for treatment. “Assistant health workers have been holding the fort in the absence of doctors,” he informed.

Nath said that the hospital has not been able to provide parturition services or proper paediatric care without doctors. “The number of patients suffering from pneumonia and viral fever are increasing, but there are no doctors here to treat them,” he said.