NRA establishing integrated settlement for quake victims in Nuwakot

NUWAKOT: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has started the process to establish an integrated settlement in the district for victims of the April 2015 earthquake, displaced recently again by dry landslides.

A settlement will be established at Suryagadhi Rural Municipality-4 for 14 families displaced from Suryagadhi-1 by the landslide. Likewise, 51 families displaced from Tadi Rural Municipality-1 will be rehabilitated at Tadi-3.

Lands have been purchased for the landslide displaced families and the land ownership certificates have been handed over, said Bed Prasad Gaudel, Acting Chief of the Secretariat of the district NRA coordination committee.

"Construction is underway to establish the settlements for the displaced families," said Gaudel.

The NRA has identified a total of 321 families of Urleni, Ghyangfedi, Lachyang, Mahakali, Kimtang and Salme, the victims of the quake, as vulnerable to dry landslide who need rehabilitation at the earliest.