Newly appointed NRA CEO Bhusal says reconstruction will be expedited

KATHMANDU: The National Reconstruction Authority newly appointed Yuvaraj Bhusal has asserted quake survivors languishing under temporary tents would be shifted to houses within next six months.

Addressing an interaction programme in Kathmandu, on Wednesday, CEO Bhusal said engineers would be sent to the quake affected Rural Municipalities next months and quake survivors would be shifted to houses within six months.

"I have spent more than three decades in government services. I do not address political pressure, employees responsibility is to serve people and nation, it's not necessary to listen to political pressure," Bhusal clarified.

"I will send engineers in all the wards, rural municipality and municipality next month and expedite the reconstruction work," Bhusal added.

Government have appointed Bhusal as CEO of NRA for three years.

During his tenure as CEO of NRA Bhusal has committed to people to erect dismantled Dharahara, Basantapur Durbar, Singha Durbar, Rani Pokhari and other monuments in various districts.