NRCS to provide relief to conflict-hit

Rolpa, July 21:

The Nepal Red Cross Society has launched a relief programme for conflict-hit people in Rolpa district.

Identification of the people affected during the Maoist insurgency and distribution of relief in around 51 VDCs of the district has begun with the technical support from ICRC, the NRCS Rolpa branch said.

NRCS Rolpa branch secretary Dal Bahadur Ghartimagar said that they have been collecting primary data on the conflict victims, who were victimised either by the Maoists or by the state during the conflict. “The project would completed within eight months,” Ghartimagar said, adding, “Nine volunteers have been mobilised to collect the data.”

According to the NCRS branch office, conflict-hit families will be provided with cash, goats, buffaloes and ox and a financial aid worth Rs 10,000 to run business. The NRCS, however, said that programme was not meant for the people who had already received aid worth more than Rs 10,000.