NSU dissidents warn of parallel central committee

Kathmandu, March 19:

Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) dissident faction today threatened to form a parallel central committee if the existing committee continued working against the NSU principles and do not withdraw the action taken against seven students, who were alleged of vandalizing NSU central office on March 16.

Organising a press conference, Bikash Koirala, former central member said the number of students not satisfied with the present working committee, filled with sycophants, are increasing every day. “Whoever dared to go against the existing committee and criticised the party’s wrong doings have been thrown out citing various reasons,” said Koirala. “We will be left with no alternative but form parallel NSU central committee to challenge the existing one if it continues to go beyond the NSU bylaws,” said Koirala.

“We were not asked to furnish clarifications and neither was a committee formed before taking any action against us,” said Koirala.

Earlier, the NSU central committee had expelled seven students: Bikash Koirala, former central member, Ramesh Karki, former central member, Lila Baldev Dahal (Kaka) - NSU Saraswati Campus unit president, Ramesh Upreti, NSU Saraswati Campus former president, Subodh Acharya, former vice president of Tri-Chandra Campus Free Students’ Union, Shivaraj Fago, NSU Patan Multiple Campus secretary, Anil Khanal, former member of NSU Kathmandu district, from the union. Six of the seven were present at the press conference.

Meanwhile, Subodh Acharya, issuing a separate press release condemned the NSU central committee’s ploy to trap him for something he was not involved in. “I still stand by my ideology that a union should be conducted with principles and guidelines rather than an individual’s vested interest and whoever involved in vandalizing the committee should be punished but only after a thorough investigation,” said Acharya in a press release.

A central committee member Dinesh Rai manhandled Ranjit Karna, NSU general secretary for his remark that the action taken the students had not fulfilled the procedures. Karna demanded action against Rai at the earliest.