Nurse alleged of patient’s death

DHULIKHEL: Six-year-old diarrhoea patient who was admitted in Dhulikhel hospital died yesterday allegedly after she was slapped by the hospital nurse. The victim has been identified as Soniya Rai, a UKG student in Kavre’s Panchkhal VDC-1 based Dhrubatara English School and a resident of Kanku VDC-6 in Solukhumbu district. Soniya had died the same day she had been admitted in the hospital.

Admitting the mistake, the hospital provided Rs 12,000 for the funeral rites of the girl.

The victim’s relatives claimed that Soniya had fallen unconscious after she had been slapped by the nurse, before she had breathed her last. It is said that the hospital nurse had slapped Soniya on her cheek when Soniya had spat at the nurse while she was trying to administer her saline water. The hospital had declared her dead only on Friday.

Meanwhile, the victims’ kin have demanded the hospital to provide Rs 1 million as compensation. Final rites of Sonia was performed only after the hospital agreed to provide Rs 12,000 for her funeral, said maternal uncle Ashbir Rai. He added that the hospital had denied making public the name of the nurse.