Garbage Collection

Labourers collect and stack garbage into a truck in Minbhawan, Kathmandu on Friday, February 26, 2016. Photo: RSS
NUWAKOT: The residents of Okharpauwa in Nuwakot district, have prevented waste containers from disposing waste in dumping site, for an indefinite period until their demands are heeded. They decided to halt waste disposal containers from disposing, in protest against the deduction in the compensation amount being given to the affected households in the area. In the past 24 hours villagers forced 85 vehicles laden with garbage to return without disposing waste from midway, according to Okharpauwa's ward chair Kedar Poudel. Earlier houses and cowsheds lying in a 900- meter radius from the disposal site were getting monetary compensation of Rs 50 per square meter every year. But the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office decided to reduce such distance from this current fiscal, not acceptable for the Okharpauwa folks, he added. Waste collected from the Kathmandu Valley is being disposed at Sisdole of Okharpauwa in Nuwakot since the past 13 years. The Okharpauwa folks have also demanded the construction of a 15-bed health facility for the people affected by the waste disposal.