Oli claims SC’s suggestion an endorsement of draft statute


CPN-UML Chair KP Sharma Oli told the party’s Central Committee meeting on Sunday that the suggestions sent by Supreme Court’s full court on the draft constitution was an indication that the apex court had endorsed the constitution making process.

Recently, SC Justice Girish Chandra Lal’s bench had issued an interim order in response to a writ petition telling the defendants to abide by Article 1, 82 and 138 of the Interim Constitution and settle the names, boundaries and powers of federal units in the new constitution without postponing any issues of federalism.

The 16-point agreement states that the names and boundaries of the federal units will be decided after the promulgation of the constitution.

According to UML Secretary Pradip Gyawali, Oli told the meeting that the CA was a sovereign body for making the new constitution and other bodies could not dictate to it. Oli also said that if required, parties would seek to vacate the SC’s interim order, Gyawali added. Oli also told the meeting that if the parties could get the constitution promulgated by mid-August, it would be an achievement.

“We have taken the public feedback positively and have started discussion on those issues, but we should be cautious that the mid-August deadline for promulgation of the constitution should not be altered,” Gyawali quoted Oli as telling CC members.

According to CC member Krishna Gopal Shrestha, Oli told the meeting that the conflict between those who want to see a new constitution promulgated and those who want to scuttle the constitution making process was still ongoing and the party should remain alert about it.

Oli also told party leaders that all the major parties should agree to incorporate people’s suggestions. CC member Yagya Raj Sunuwar said he told the meeting that it would be good for the party to favour directly elected executive, multi-identity-based federalism and a complete constitution including federalism. He also suggested that the party should stick to federalism and oppose having the cow as national animal.

According to sources, majority of the CC members who spoke on Sunday said that the party should favour directly elected executive as the party had mentioned in its agenda that it would go for directly elected Prime Minister.

CC member Ram Kumari Jhankri told the meeting that the party should not hesitate to ensure gender equality in the constitution.

Shri Prasad Sah said the party should be cautious that its stances on constitutional agendas would not give others a reason to paint the party an anti-Madhesi outfit, according to a source.