CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has said his party alone was enough to take on the five-party ruling coalition in the upcoming election.

Addressing UML Bharatpur Metropolitan City's first town conference today, the UML supremo claimed that his party would win the upcoming election with majority.

"UML doesn't need to join force with other political parties as we are capable of clinching a majority all by ourselves even when all the other parties form an alliance against us," said the UML chair. "Let's first finish our party convention, once done, we must focus on election preparation," he added.

The former PM also said his party strongly believed in democracy and, therefore, would respect each and every vote cast by the people.

"Let no one think that this time as well they will be able to steal the election by committing fraud just as they did in the last election by tearing up ballots. UML will protect each and every vote cast by the people," he said, challenging the opposition to stop UML from getting majority at all three levels and under both first-past-to-post and proportional systems.

Further, Oli described his party as set up to build the nation and said his cadres were ready to do what it takes to fulfil its mission.

"Our goal is to secure socialism, and towards that effect we have to first ensure prosperity of the country and happiness of the people as embodied by the slogan 'prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali,'" Oli said.

"Where we are for building the country, the five-party coalition is for destroying the country, so I am sure that they will get their just deserts in the upcoming election at the hands of the people," he quipped.

"Let's forget what happened in the past. We can't afford to let others win in Chitwan now.

So I hereby urge all party rank and file to move ahead concertedly to clinch victory in all constituencies of the district," he told his cadres.

UML standing committee member Ram Bahadur Thapa also conveyed his confidence about his party winning the upcoming election. "It's apparent that various domestic and foreign reactionary forces have pushed the country into political uncertainty. I'm sure that UML will get to lead the country once again through the upcoming election," he said.

"It's on our shoulders to ensure prosperity and development of the country and also protect national sovereignty," he added.

UML leader Prabhu Sah vowed to support his party Chair Oli as long as he lived and claimed that his party would dominate the entire Province 2 in the upcoming election. UML leader Surendra Pande and others also spoke on the occasion.

A version of this article appears in the print on November 02, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.