Boy killed in mishap

POKHARA: One Ishwor Gurung, 9, was killed on the spot when a microbus Ga 1 Ja 2954 hit him at Ram Krishna Tole in Pokhara on Tuesday. Microbus driver Ganesh Bahadur Kunwar and his vehicle have been taken into control, informed District Police Office (Kaski). The irate locals vandalised micro buses and demanded strict action against the driver and provide compensation. — HNS

King graces reception

KATHMANDU: The King and Queen graced the wedding reception of the daughter of Chief of the Army Staff Pyar Jung Thapa at Sashibhawan, Jhamisikhel, Lalitpur, on Tuesday, reports RSS. HNS adds: Prince Pratap Singh Rao, son of prince of Raj Kumar Sangram Singh Gayakwad of the Baroda royal family and Dr Pragya Thapa, RNA chief’s daughter, got married recently. The Swoyambhar ceremony was held in the bride’s home, Shashi Bhawan, official residence of the chief of army staff in Jhamsikhe, on Friday. A guest who attended the marriage ceremony said: “An opulent royal family organised the marriage ceremony far below its financial capacity in view of Nepal’s current situation while the chief of army staff also hosted all the programmes from engagement to the dinner party just like a civilian.” — RSS/ HNS

Embassy’s request

NEW DELHI: The Nepalese Embassy in India has urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to search for the parents of an unidentified, who died at JTB Hospital (New Delhi) 11 days ago. Indian police had informed the embassy on Monday to find out the address of the boy called Suraj, 14. A Nepali, Devendra Bahadur, had found Suraj in an unconscious state and admitted him to a nearby hospital from where he was sent to JTB hospital where he died. — HNS

NT’s discount

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom has announced a discount rate for domestic trunk service of Group-B (above 50 kms) in landline and C-Phone. The new rate has been fixed to Rs 4 per minute from Rs 5 during business hour and Rs 3 from Rs 3.34 per minute during normal hours from Wednesday till August 16 to mark the World Telecom Day 2006. — RSS

Details submitted

KATHMANDU: The Ministries have begun submitting information to the recently formed commission under former Supreme Court Justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi regarding the misuse of state funds by the former royal cabinet to suppress pro-democracy agitators during King Gyanendra’s direct rule. “The Ministries have begun submitting their use of funds during the direct rule,” said spokesperson of the commission, Baburam Regmi, adding that the Ministries of the Home, Finance and Information and Communication have submitted the details. “The commission has already started analysing the information,” Regmi added. — HNS

Chalise is PM’s adviser

KATHMANDU: Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise has been appointed adviser to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, according to the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. Dr Chalise has also served in various international organisations, including the United Nations Development Programme, NDI, FES and Department for International

Development. — RSS