Cordless phones banned


The use of cordless phones has been banned in Tansen from Friday. The ban is imposed on phones that have a range of over 30 metres. The ban was imposed as use of cordless phones was perceived to be a threat to the security. Around 250 telephone connections have been suspended. — HNS

Driver in judicial custody


The Bara district court remanded Kamal Sarki, a driver from Pokhara, to judicial custody on Friday. Sarki is accused of killing a youth due to careless driving. Roshan Upadhyaya, 25, a resident of Kalaiya-7, was killed when Sarki’s truck hit him. — HNS

Curfew imposed


The DAO Sankhuasabha has imposed a curfew in Khandbari and Chainpur from 7.30 pm till 4 am the next day with effect from Thursday. The order will be in force till the end of Falgun and will cover Khandbari Bazaar and Khandbari Ward Nos 2, 3, 10, 11, 12 and 13. — RSS