13 students injured

KATHMANDU: Over a dozen students were injured in separate clashes among student unions and police at Saraswati Muliple College (SMC) and Amrit Science College (ASC) on Sunday. Bina Magar, ANNISU-R’s president candidate at SMC, accused the Youth Force cadres and police of beating up the students and teachers at the college. Nine students of the SMC were injured in the clash. They are undergoing treatment at Janamaitri Hospital. Meanwhile, four students — two each from ASC and SMC, including the ANNFSU’s president candidate Nilkantha Acharya — have been undergoing treatment at Manmohan Hospital, according to the police.— HNS

Tharus’ concern

Kathmandu: Several Tharu leaders, who flayed the agreement reached between the government and the Tharuhat Joint Struggle Committee (TJSC) on Saturday, have sought proportional representation of all the communities in all the state organs as per their population. According to a joint press statement issued here on Sunday, they said

proportional representation of all the communities in state organs should be guaranteed by the new constitution. — HNS