One buried in snow

MYAGDI: A woman who had gone to collect Yarshagumba died at Dhuri of Mudi village, Myagdi, on Thursday. Tika Gharti, 20, a resident of Mudi-3 died when she was buried in the snow, a local Binod Gharti said, adding, another person Kale Gharti is also missing. Some 500 persons from Dhading district and Mudi VDC had reached Setedhunga Buki to collect Yarshagumba on April 3. People are thronging to Mudi, Takam, Chimkhola and Kuinemangale VDC of Myagdi district to collect the valuable medicinal herb these days. — HNS

Local bodies to classi

DANG: Chairman of Press Council Nepal (PCN) Narayan Prasad Sharma said electronic media would also be classified within four to six months. Addressing a programme organised to mark the third anniversary of Radio Madhyapaschim in Dang, Sharma said local bodies would be entrusted with the responsibility of classification. The bodies will, however, be monitored in their performance. PCN chair Sharma promised support for the development of the media sector. — RSS

NSP for consensus

Kathmandu: Nepal Sadhbhavana Party (Anandidevi) on Thursday urged all political parties to focus on writing the new constitution on time by forming a new government on the basis of consensus. Organizing a press conference, NSP (Anandidevi) Chairman Khusi Lal Mandal urged all the parities to facilitate formation of the new government to expedite the constitution writing process. He also urged parties to let the Supreme Court settle the row over reinstatement of CoAS Rookmangud Katawal. Mandal also underscored the need for Madhes-based parties to give up greed for power and instead focus on the constitution writing process in order to fulfil the aspirations of Madheshi, dalit and other marginalised communities.