OHCHR team’s trip

TANAHUN: A team from the regional office of the United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) at Pokhara visited Tanahun on Friday and gathered information about incidents of human rights violation in the district. The team was led by human rights officer of the office Eric Chunlin. Eric made public the activities carried out by the OHCHR in the district and acquired information about human rights situation there. — HNS

15 SLC centres set up

KAPILVASTU: The SLC examination district coordination committee, Kapilvastu, has established 15 exam centres in the district for the coming SLC examination, scheduled to

begin from April 4. According to the examination wing in the District Education Office, 2928 regular examinees and 465 exempt examinees from the district will appear in the exam this year. — HNS

7 injured in brawl

Kapilvastu: Seven persons were injured in a brawl between two families at Chowk Bazaar of Kapilvastu municipality-2 on Friday. One Durgawati Kandu is said to be critically injured. The fight erupted between two neighbours on the issue of a sewer pipe in front of their houses, locals said. Janardan Kandu, Draupadi Kandu, Parbati Kandu, Omkar Kandu, Kailash Kandu, Durgawati Kandu and Pinku Gupta sustained injuries when the fight took an ugly turn. — HNS

Meet postponed

JANAKPURDHAM: The second national conference of the Madhesi National Liberation Front is due to be held in Janakpurdham from May 4 to 6. Earlier, the decision was made to hold conference in Kathmandu from March 10 to 12. In a statement issued by Matrika Yadav, the coordinator of the conference, the date of the conference has been shifted in view of critical situation in Madhes. — RSS

WB to grant $25m

KATHMANDU: The International Development Association (The World Bank) has agreed to provide an additional grant assistance of $25 million for the implementation of Poverty Alleviation Fund Project and a grant assistance of $18.2 million for the Avian Influenza Control Project. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Finance on Friday, two separate agreements to this effect were signed between the Government of Nepal and the World Bank at the Ministry of Finance, on Friday. — RSS

Power house closes

TANAHUN: The power house of the 72 MW Marsyangdi Hydro-electricity project at Anbukhaireni- 5 in Tanahun will be closed for the coming ten days for internal maintenance, chief at the power house Bindu Prakash Joshi said. Debris has piled up in the outlet of the power-house during the flood in Ruwa Khola on July 30, 2003 and it could not be taken out; so the power house will have to be shut to remove it,” chief Joshi said, adding that maintenance would take about 10-11 days. — HNS