Online system fails to deliver quick service

Rajbiraj, October 15

The online system started by Land Revenue and Reform Office has brought no respite to service seekers in Saptari.

The office had started online system aiming to provide quick service to service seekers last year.

Service seekers are compelled to wait for three to four days to get their work done due to mismanagement of the online system. Improper management of the system has compelled them to return without getting their work done.

Service seekers complained that the online system had not been able to provide quick services.

Mohammad Taiyab, a service seeker in Bishnupur Rural Municipality, said three days had passed, but his work was not completed. Lack of technological know-how and skilled staffers was delaying service delivery. The office has quota for one land revenue officer, three section officers and nine non-gazetted officers, among others.

Non-gazetted officer Shiva Hari Pokhrel said that no technician was deputed in the office after online system was introduced. He added that some staffers were hired on contract basis to operate the system.