Organised corruption rampant in Nepal: Leader Thapa

POKHARA: Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman Kamal Thapa has accused the top political leaders of indulging in organised corruption in the Nation.

He said so while addressing a two-day programme for the orientation of RPP representatives in local level of Western Regional Development Region in Pokhara on Wednesday.

Former DPM and Foreign Minister Thapa said top four leaders of the political parties have been indulged in organised corruption and are safeguarding it. He also accused that they are not working for the interest of the people and country.

"The are deviating from party's policies and principle and are not worried about national sovereignty," Thapa lamented.

Leader Thapa said that leaders would surrender to external forces just to remain in power, they wouldn't shy away from filing no confidence vote against the chiefs of anti-graft bodies.

"Without any official tender the leaders handed over the Budigangaki Hydropower to foreign contractor, in exchange of monetary gain," Thapa added.

He also accused that the leaders were protecting the guilty party after the Nepal Oil Corporation land purchase scam was revealed in the media.

RPP leader Thapa further said the party has not deviated from its main agenda of establishing democracy with Hindu state and monarchy in the country.

He also accused the external as well as internal forces of who were against Nepal's sovereignty and reinstating Hindu state played their role in dividing RPP after just six months of unification.