Outstanding issues should be addressed: Rae

India wants to see a stable and peaceful Nepal so that both the countries can jointly harness the natural resources for mutual benefit

Kathmandu, January 25

Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae today said India was positive about the constitutional amendment and hoped that the remaining issues raised by the Madhesi parties would also be resolved.

Addressing an interaction organised by Reporters Club on ‘Nepal-India Relations: Challenges and Opportunities’, on the eve of 67th Republic Day of India today, Rae said, “We hope other outstanding issues would also be addressed.”

When asked what those “outstanding issues” were, he said he was referring to the issues endorsed by the Nepal’s Cabinet earlier.

In December, the Cabinet had endorsed a three-point roadmap for resolving the Tarai crisis through constitutional amendment and setting up a political mechanism forthe delineation of federal boundaries, a key demand of Madhesi parties.

Regarding the formation of a political mechanism, thegovernment and the Madhesi parties are yet to reach an agreement.

When asked when would supplies through the Birgunj-Raxaul supply route would become normal, Rae said he was not the right person to ask the question, as the Madhesi front had created disturbances at the border point.

Ambassador Rae said India wanted to see a stable and peaceful Nepal so that both the countries could jointly harness the natural resources for mutual benefit.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa said misunderstanding between Nepal and India was being cleared gradually.

He said the challenge before Nepal was to win the confidence of Indian side but the Indian side should also let go of pre-set perceptions about Nepal, if there were any.

Nepali Congress Vice-president Ramchandra Paudel said constitutional amendments were a step towards building an understanding with the Madhesi forces and pledged to resolve the remaining issues as well.

NC foreign department chief and former deputy PM and foreign minister Sujata Koirala urged Indian side to help clear the protracted border disruption.