Over 2,600 people in Karnali reapply for foreign employment permit

SURKHET: After the establishment of Labour and Employment Office in Karnali Province, 2,615 people have reapplied for their work permits to go abroad. The Office was established a year ago.

The Office only renews the permit. With this, those aspiring for foreign jobs need not go to Kathmandu to seek work permit. Information officer at the Office, Shyam Krishna Acharya, informed that most of those reapplying for work permit for second or more times are headed to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia and UAE for employment.

Meanwhile, very few companies have been registered as 'employment providing companies' under the contribution-based social security fund in Karnali Province. Only 121 companies were registered under the scheme despite the passage of two years since the launch of the scheme.

Similarly, the number of workers registered under the contribution-based social security scheme stands at 172 in the province. The scheme was introduced two years ago.