Nepal | November 15, 2019

Over 30 Chinese climbers, others scale Mt Manaslu as summit bids underway

Rajan Pokhrel

KATHMANDU: At least 30 Chinese climbers successfully stood atop the world’s eighth highest mountain this morning as the world climbers have continued their final summit pushes on Mt Manaslu, according to expedition organisers.

Nima Namgyal Sherpa, Managing Director at Kaitu Expedition, said that at least 41 climbers including 21 foreigners from his company climbed Mt Manaslu this morning.

Matthias Benno Real From Switzerland, Chinese climbers including Song Yujiang, Wu Xueling, Liu Qing, Li Xiaohong, Ying Ming, Liang Guangping, Dai Baozhong, Chen Tao, Li Yongsheng, Yang Xudong, Li Yuanyuan, Cheng Yuanyuan, Yuan Pi, Zheng Yu, Chi Yongjun, Zheng Yu, Chi Yongjun, Yao Xiaoli, Cao Tingting, Chen Hua, Gao Lianmiao, Cheng Shiyuan and Manxia Chen successfully stood atop the world’s eighth highest peak early this morning, he said.

“Among the summiteers, Li Yongsheng (36) and Gao Lian Miao (43) reached the summit point without using supplemental oxygen,” Sherpa added. Kaitu Expedition achieved 100 percent success on Mt Manaslu this autumn, Base Camp Manager Nima Tenji Sherpa shared.

According to Iswari Paudel, Managing Director at Himalayan Guides, Jean Baptiste Francois and Catherine Marcell Rosa Bury from France, Ky Quan Quoc Phong and Roi Negri from the United States, Luke Josef Rollnik from Australia, Robert Kelso Smith from Ireland, and Gautam Shine from India along with Pemba Sherpa, Pasang Angju Bhote, Pemba Chhewang Sherpa, Dawa Wongchu Sherpa, Ngima Chhiri Sherpa, Ming Dorchi Sherpa and Nuru Wongchu Sherpa scaled Mt Manaslu.

Mingma Sherpa, Chairman at Seven Summit Treks, said that at least 12 Chinese climbers along with 13 high-altitude Sherpas of 14 Peak Experience Manaslu Expedition – 2019 scaled Mt Manaslu this morning.

The Chinese climbers who stood atop Mt Manaslu include Hua Wang, Wen Zheng, Ping Zhang, Zhang Jilei, Anhong Shao, Ren Dongsheng, Nan Chunhong, Luo Hongmei, Peng Chio Leong, Jia Yuhong, Cheng Wei and Chen Yong, according to Sherpa. Three member Polish team comprising Michal Adam, Malwina Maria Adam and Zbigniew Bak also scaled the mountain, he added.

Dawa Sherpa, Executive Director at Dolma Outdoor Expedition said that Liu Li Ru and Tseng Ge-Erh from China along with Nima Gyalzen Sherpa and Mingma Nuru Sherpa stood atop Mt Manaslu this morning.

Mingma David Sherpa, Managing Director at Elite Himalayan Adventure, said that record-holder Nepali climber Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja along with Avedis Kalpaklian from Lebanon, Amy McCulloch from the United Kingdom, Deeya Pun, Estefani Etroguet from Andorra, Khodr Ghadban from Lebanon, Steven G Davis and Sandro Gromen-Hayes from the UK scaled Mt Manaslu this season.

“Estefani made it to the top without using supplemental oxygen,” Sherpa, who also scaled the mountain, said adding that Gesman Tamang, Galjen Sherpa, Lakpa dendi Sherpa, Kalden Sherpa, Kasang Sherpa and Phurba Sonam Sherpa also reached the summit point yesterday.

Pasang Sherpa, Chairman at Pioneer Adventure, said that three females including American climber Claudia Patrica Lopez Gutierrez, Izabela Katarzyna Smolokowska from Poland, Miyuki Yamamoto from Japan along with Gelu Sherpa, Lakpa Dorchi Sherpa and Mingma Dukpa Sherpa successfully climbed Mt Manaslu yesterday.

According to Rameshwar Niraula, an official at the Department of Tourism, at least 264 expedition members along with 274 high-altitude workers representing 27 teams obtained climbing permits for Mt Manaslu this season.

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