Over dozen Mahottari VDCs reeling under water shortage

MAHOTTARI: Locals of over a dozen VDCs in Mahottari district have been reeling under acute shortage of drinking water.

People at Pashupatinagar, Kisannagar, Hatilet, Laxminiya, Belgachhi, Phulkaha, Ramnagar, Bardibas, Gauribas, Khaymara, Bijalpura, Nigaul and Gaushala Municipality are facing acute shortage of drinking water due to the absence of rainfall for over six months.

A local Kashi Mahato has shared that over 200 water wells in these areas are drying up these days.

With this, they are facing water crunch and compelled to go to neighbouring villages and rivers to fetch water.

A local Birendra Mahato of Pashupati Nagar has also shared the same problem, adding that they were compelled to spend hours to fetch water.