Overnight review of province demarcation not feasible: Kharel

Chitwan, December 8

Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Agni Prasad Kharel has dismissed chances of overnight review of state boundaries.

Speaking at an interaction on the constitution and its contents in Bharatpur today, the minister condemned the ongoing sit-ins launched by the agitating Madhes-based parties at the southern frontiers to press for the fulfilment of their demands.

“It is out-and-out wrong for anyone to goad the government into tampering with the demarcations of proposed states without due deliberations just by deploying their henchmen at the entry points and taking the country hostage,” said the minister, urging the agitating parties to accept due process.

Referring to recent gossip that the constitution could be implemented sans the provision of federalism, Kharel ruled out the prospect.

“After the statute came into effect, 198 different acts that required amendments have been tabled for the Parliamentary Bill Committee; they will soon be presented to the House and get due recognition as laws,” he said, also informing about government preparations to codify the new laws as per the new constitution, at the earliest.

“Though the constitution has fixed three years for devising laws, we are committed to ink them in two year’s time as the tenure of the House is two years only,” he said, urging everyone to support the government in implementing the statute.

“As the government is launching a campaign to educate people about the constitution and its contents, I hope all will help in this drive,” Kharel said.