PAC task force to visit CNP hotels

CHITWAN: A team of Public Account Committee has arrived in Chitwan to decide whether or not to renew the contract of hotels within the Chitwan National Park. Lawmaker Narayan Dahal, PAC member, held discussions with the district based office chiefs and others stakeholders in this regard.

Informing that the the committee would continue its work till August 20, he urged everyone to extend

cooperation and support. The government would make its decision as per the report presented by the committee, he added.

The committee will visit Chitwan and Nawalparasi districts on its four-day inspection. It will also visit

the seven closed hotels inside the CNP, political representatives, CNP administration, buffer zone management committee, hotel associations and hotel workers, among others.

Meanwhile, Tiger Tops Hotel, the oldest and most renowned hotel run by a British citizen, organising a press conference, said that the government had closed the hotels without prior notice.

Programme director

of the hotel Tim

Edward blamed the government of not

renewing the contract of the hotels even

when the tourism season was nearing.

The hotel was

established in eghauli 10 years prior to the

establishment of the national park.