Paddy cultivation affected due to lack of irrigation

Jhapa, December 30

A super zone project has been introduced in 1,000 hectares of land in Baniyani area of Jhapa.

However, the zone faced shortage of irrigation water for paddy cultivation throughout the year. Irrigation Development Division Office, Bhadrapur, said if the government spent 45 million rupees, Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project in Baniyani would have enough irrigation water for the entire area.

Farmers of the area are dependent on water pumped from borewell for irrigation. This has increased production cost for farmers. According to Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Super Zone Project Baniyani senior agriculture Officer Meghnath Timilsena, after a solar borewell pump was installed in Pathariya area the demand for solar borewell pumps has gone up.

Timilsena said solar borewell was installed with super zone’s 85 per cent grant at Farakgachhi. He said preparation was on to install solar borewell pumps at Kechana, Pakalibhatti and Baniyani as well. Green Farmers Group Kachankawal Secretary Panchananda Rajbanshi said solar borewell pumps had been very helpful and cost effective for irrigation.