BAJURA: Paddy plantation has begun in Far-Western Region after a significant rain on Wednesday.

Farmers of Achham, Bajura, Doti, Kailali, Bajhang and Baitadi district are happy after the rain as most farmers in the region depend on monsoon rains for the plantation.

A farmer, Harka Shah, of Achham said farmers are happy with the rain. Otherwise, paddy seedlings had already started withering, he added.

Farmers in the region generally begin plantation in the first week of June, but this year, the delay in rain has affected the calendar, informed Manoj Baduwal of Budhiganga of Bajura.

There are not many irrigation canals in the region, so the farmers depend on the seasonal rain for plantation, said Lal Chadar, another farmer from Achham district.

Of the fertile land in Bajura district, irrigation facilities are available to only 10 per cent land, informed Officer Ram Sharan Mahat of the District Agriculture Development Office.

According to Ramhari Mishra, Assistant at Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Regional Office of Attariya, all the nine districts have witnessed rainfall from Wednesday.