Kathmandu, April 18:

The sub-committee formed to study the formation of a National Transport Development Board (NTDB) has recently submitted its report to the High-Level Vehicle and Transport Management Reform Committee.

The report prepared by the five-member panel headed by Yogendra Nath Karmacharya has recommended the formation of the NTDB. The report has focused on the promotion of environment-friendly vehicles in cities. It has proposed to set up 26-member NTDB headed by the Minister for Labour and Transport Management.

“One of the major responsibilities of the board will be to seek various ways to reduce pollution emitted by vehicles and also to find ways to use alternative energy that are being used in various countries,” the report states. It will determine the standard of driving schools to produce skilled drivers and reduce road accidents.

The board will also maintain the quality of fuel, engine oils and workshops. Research and development of the possibility of running electric and trolley buses will be given due priority for environment-friendly vehicles and the board will also study the development of railways. “Buses will be classified and their fares determined accordingly through constant research besides developing mechanism for primary health check-up services and mobile rescue operations. Tax collection will be simplified by implementing a one-door system.”

The proposals

• NTDB to be headed by Minister for Labour and Transport Management

• Board wants environment-friendly vehicles

• To determine standard of driving schools to produce skilled drivers

• To maintain quality of fuel, engine oils

• Buses to be classified and fares determined accordingly

• Tax collection to be simplified