Panic over donation drive

INARUWA: Denizens of rural areas of Sunsari district have been terrorised due to the rampant donation drive of the Tarai armed outfits of the region. Locals informed that they received frequent phone calls where they were demanded donation for the armed outfits' cause. Chandra Bahadur Bhandari, a local of Inaruwa Municipality-2, said that people of the area were in constant threat due to the forceful donation drive of the armed groups. Some people even have been displaced from their homes as the armed outfits demanded large amount of money from them. Chandra Bahadur's son, Rajendra, had left the country two years ago due to the threat of the armed outfits.

Local Shyam Shrestha said that members of the armed outfits threatened people with life if they failed to procure the demanded sum." He claimed the armed outfits usually demanded donation from the supporters of the former king and the Nepali Congress. Another victim Rameswor Thapa, claimed that the armed groups had also directed them not to sell their land. About thirty armed outfits are active in the eastern Tarai. The police has claimed that they are determined to maintain law and order in the area.