Parbat, Myagdi officials sign commitment for RTI

PARBAT/MYAGDI: Government office chiefs in Parbat and Myagdi districts have signed declarations to implement the right to information (RTI), on Sunday.

Officials of both the districts signed the commitment in the presence of National Information Commission (NIC) Chief Krishna Hari Baskota.

Under the mounting pressure of complaints on lack of transparency and inability of the common citizens to get easy access to services, the government offices' heads signed a five- point declaration.

Similarly, officials in Myagdi have issued a seven-point declaration for the implementation and protection of RTI.

The commitment papers call for facilitating access to information for common citizens, appointment of information officials in each of the government offices and keeping records of persons seeking information and information kept disclosed.

The government offices would now also be required to maintain a website to make its notices and information public, and hold press meets every three months to share information on their activities.