Parbat’s thirst can quench after five yrs

PARBAT: Locals of Ranipani VDC have been facing shortage of drinking water for years. No water sources around have made it difficult for drinking water projects too. The locals have no choice but to rely on wells and rain water. “The government does not care about our misery,” the locals lamented. Local Devi Kumari Sharma said,'' We are compelled to use little water for all household chores.'' Local Narendra Parajuli said, '' We are compelled to drink water from the irrigation channels.''

Students of the area are also hit hard due to the shortage of drinking water. A student at Nepal Tara Higher Secondary School, Anita Pariyar said, “There is no drinking water in the school.''

Local Hari Neupane, however, blamed the locals' attitude for not being able to vie for drinking water project in the area. Nevertheless, there is no water source around for a drinking water project for Jayerkhani VDC of Bhulke, he said.

Meanwhile, Kul Prasad Parajuli, a local informed that plans for a drinking water project were afoot to bring water from Gulmi. District Drinking Water Office and District Development Committee are funding the project to be completed in the next five year.