CHITWAN: In any civilised society, it is beyond imagination that parents could sell their offspring. However, a couple in Gitanagar-7 of Chitwan have sold their two children. Thaguwa Mahato, 45, who has been residing in the area for the last five years, had sold his step son and own daughter. Thaguwa informed that he had sold the son five years ago and seven months old daughter last year due to economic reasons.

He said,’’ I took money and

gave my offspring to others as I did not have enough wealth to look after them,’ adding,’’ I took Rs 10,000 for my son and Rs 18,000 for my daughter.’ His wife Shanti lamented,’’ I could not defy my husband though I did not want to give my children to others.’’ According to Thaguwa, an Indian couple, who had no children, took his children through a middle man of Kawasoti.

Thaguwa had married four other women when his first wife left him some five years ago.

Shanti is pregnant now, however, she has not been to health post for a check-up yet. Nevertheless, she informed that she would not give her child to anyone now. The father also said that he would not repeat the mistake again.