Parliamentary hearing on envoy appointment on Sunday

KATHMANDU: The Parliamentary Hearing Committee (PHC) is scheduled to conduct hearing for four proposed ambassadors for India, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel on Sunday.

The PHC before referring its suggestions to Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hear Advocate Satish Raj Mainali who lodged a complaint citing that the nominations violated principle of inclusion.

Earlier, the government had nominated Nilambar Acharya as ambassador to India,  Uday Raj Pandey as ambassador to Malaysia, Krishna Dhakal as ambassador to United Arab Emirates, and Anjan Shakya as ambassador to Israel.

According to Mainali, the government has nominated either very old persons or young ones as envoys. He said current ambassadorial nominee Nilambar Acharya is 76 whereas other nominee Krishna Dhakal is 38.

“If an ambassador is very young, he/she might lack appropriate job skills and if an ambassador is too old, he/she might not have adequate energy to carry out tasks,” Mainali said.

As per the advocate, Article 282 (1) of the constitution stipulates that the President shall appoint ambassadors on the basis of principle of inclusion.

However, Mainali stated that Nepal’s diplomatic appointment is plagued by inconsistencies on guidelines on qualifications of ambassadors, their age and professional conducts.

Member of the Panel Yogesh Bhattarai, who represents the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) said the complainant has raised some important issues and the panel would refer appropriate suggestions.