Parsa civil society leaders for statute with decision on Pradeshes

BIRGUNJ: Civil society leaders in Parsa have suggested that it would be better to promulgate the new constitution after finalising the names of and delineating the border of Pradeshes.

As needs are common along with the social unity,Prof Dr Hareram Thakur of Thakur Ram Multiple Campus said, the federal states should be carved out by incorporating people of different communities.

He said that most of the Nepali people have wanted a federal democratic republic constitution along with the delineation of federal units, and thus the new constitution should incorporate this sentiment.

Thakur further said that the new statute should be promulgated in order to promote the rights of different communities including Madhesi, Dalit, indigenous, marginalised and women.

Similarly, Thakur Ram Campus unit Chairman of the Tribhuvan University Teachers' Association, Nepal, Indu Shekhar Mishra pointed out the need for improvement and amendment of the word and language of the draft of new constitution. According to him, doing so would promote rights, respect and identity of all Nepalis. Especially weaknesses have been seen on the issues of media, citizenship and inclusion in the draft, he said.

Likewise, advocate Panna Lal Gupta said that there was no alternative to another struggle if the new constitution was introduced without making changes to the present draft.

Stressing the need of a joint struggle jointly by indigenous, Madhesi, Dalit and suppressed communities to ensure their rights in the new constitution, rights activist Brijalal Paswan said that attempts should be made to make the new constitution dispute-free by correcting the weaknesses seen in the draft.

Advocate Surendra Prasad Kurmi said that the new statute should be brief and simple and added that the draft has not mentioned about the judiciary at a time when the country has already moved ahead towards federalism.

Similarly, media person Kanhaiya Lal Keshari said that the new constitution should be in favour of full press freedom while women rights activist Shreela Sarkar suggested to amend the draft, saying it was not in favour of different issues linked with women like citizenship.