Parsa wildlife reserve installs CCTV cameras

Bara, May 10

Parsa Wildlife Reserve has installed closed circuit TV cameras along the forest areas and on Tribhuwan Highway to keep poaching and road accidents under surveillance in Bara.

The wildlife reserve has set up spy cameras at various places of the forest and three CCTV cameras from Pathlaiya to Amlekhgunj along the national highway.

Assistant warden at the reserve Ashok Kumar Ram said the spy cameras would automatically capture pictures from the forest area and send them to the reserve.

According to Ram, the reserve decided to install

cameras as they would help trace reckless drivers and poachers. With the wildlife reserve in the area, the Tourism Development Committee, Bara Hotel Entrepreneurs’ Union, and Wild Life Reserve Bara have been carrying out programmes to promote tourism. The reserve is spread over an area of 527 square kilometre.