Parties dwell on political deadlock

Kathmandu, May 22:

Four major political parties including the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and the Tarai-Madhes Democratic Party today held extensive discussions to end the prevailing political deadlock.

NC leaders Ramchandra Poudel, Anand Prasad Dhungana, Bimalendra Nidhi and Dr Minendra Rijal; UML leaders Amrit Kumar Bohara, Bharat Mohan Adhikari and Agni Kharel; MJF leaders Upendra Yadav, Bijay Kumar Gachhadar, Renu Yadav and Mahadev Shah and TMDP leaders Hridayesh Tripathi, Sri Krishna Yadav, Sarvendra Nath Shukla and Jitendra Sonal represented their respective parties in the meeting held at the NC parliamentary party office in Singha Durbar.

According to UML leader Kharel, all the parties agree to amend the constitution to have the provision of the head of state, end ambiguities and replace the constitutional provision of two thirds majority with simple majority to form or oust the government, put effective mechanism to stop Maoist atrocities and manage Maoist arms and armies in a way that could satisfy all the parties.

“None of the parties disagree on the issue of constitutional amendment for simple majority provision but all of us agreed to discuss all these issues together with the Maoists since they are important component of the peace process,” Kharel said.

In the meeting, TMDP demanded Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to officially or unofficially

call the CPN-Maoist to form the new government, said TMDP leader Shukla.

Asked if there were any issues that all these four parties held different views, UML leader Adhikari said, “UML and the MJF talked of having provision of ceremonial president, but the TMDP did not express a candid opinion. They only said that the issue should be discussed together with the Maoists.”

“We urged the parties to keep intact the spirit of unity in order to bring the peace process to a logical end,” NC leader Anand Prasad Dhungana told this daily.

Today’s meeting concluded after the TMDP leader urged all the representatives to include the Maoists in such deliberations.

“We do not agree or disagree with the issue of ceremonial president. Our only concern is that the issue should be resolved with the consent of the Maoists as well,” Shukla said adding the term ‘president,’ or ‘acting head of state’ whatever could be agreeable to the Maoists should be incorporated in the constitution with the clear distinction of rights and duties.