Kathmandu, August 8:

Efforts are underway among political parties in the interim parliament to come up with a common political agenda to create an environment for elections.

Dr Shekhar Koirala, a senior Nepali Congress (NC) leader and confidant of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, said that the major political parties are working on a three-pronged strategy.

“We all agree that there should be a common agenda,” he said. “The minimum should be something like a democratic federal republic. Once the NC announces this position, the political atmosphere in the country would change suddenly.” Secondly, parties are trying to come to a single platform to assure the people that they are committed to holding the elections on time. Thirdly, top leaders should come in the CA polls as elected members. “For this, we are trying to have an arrangement to leave seats for each other’s leaders.”

He confirmed that whatever has come from UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal in this connection lately was linked to what is being worked out.

Shekhar Koirala also sees the Maoist plenum as being positive.