Parties-Maoist deal should be monitored: Poudel

Dang, November 26:

General Secretary of the Nepali Congress (NC), Ram Chandra Poudel, has proposed committees to monitor the 12-point political understanding reached between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists. Addressing a programme in Dang this morning, Poudel said: “There is a need to see whether the understanding is in force.” “In course of my visit to various districts, I realised there is a lack of monitoring committees,” Poudel said. The political parties and the Maoists have to commit themselves to the understanding, he said. “The monitoring committees should be formed among the seven political parties, the Maoists and human rights activists.

Such committees should be formed throughout the country. Displaced people should return

to their homes without any fear,” Poudel said. Stating that a powerful movement will be launched all over the country after the single-phase people awareness campaign concludes, Poudel said, “The movement will be able to solve all problems.” “We want a break from violence, terror and autocratic regime,” Poudel said, adding, “The Maoists have agreed to a multi-party system and this happens to be a great achievement.” “The King has to accept the agreement reached between the Maoists and seven-party alliance,” Poudel further said.