Parties against shifting municipal office

Khotang, December 30

CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Centre and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal have asked the authorities concerned not to shift the office of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality to a new location, Khotang.

The town committees of the three parties submitted memorandum to the municipal office yesterday against the decision taken by a meeting of the municipal executive body to shift the office from Chhapdanda, Durchim to Kotgaira.

Eight days ago, ward chairs of Dikuwa, Chyasmitar, Durchhim and Halesi Mahadevsthan had also expressed their concern in writing against the relocation of the municipal office.

“The proposed site is unsuitable as it is damp, sloppy and landslide-prone. There is no sense in shifting the municipal office there,” said UML Halesi Tuwachung town committee coordinator Chakra Bahadur Rai. Opponents of the proposal claimed that the decision should been taken to meet certain peoples' interests. Four ward chairs from the left alliance had walked out of the meeting in protest when the decision was taken, then.

As per the Local Governance Act 2074, two thirds majority of existing members of a rural municipality or municipal assembly concerned can change the name of the centre of a local unit. The proposal so endorsed must be then forwarded to the government through the provincial government.