Parties tell PM to improve governance


Opposition parties told Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in the all-party meeting today that the recent outburst of anger against the government on the streets across the country was a manifestation of people’s frustration with the government.

Joint General Secretary of the Nepali Congress Prakash Sharan Mahat told mediapersons after the all-party meeting that recent protests on the streets were against the government, not against the political system, and the same was conveyed to the PM in the all-party meeting.

Royalist forces have been taking out rallies in major cities of the country demanding restoration of monarchy.

Mahat said his party told the PM that if the government acted as per the spirit of the constitution, controlled corruption, met people’s expectations and handled the COVID-19 crisis satisfactorily, people’s anger on the streets would dissipate.

The NC said the government left the people at the mercy of god in the face of the COVID crisis . “It had also failed to provide basic pay and perks to health professionals on the forefront of the fight against COVID and create awareness in Nepal about the risk of COVID infection.”

NC leaders also told the PM that the government had discriminated against opposition parties in the distribution of resources and adopted repressive policies against opponents across the country.

The NC urged the PM to call the winter session of the Parliament to discuss the COVID-19 crisis and all other issues that people were concerned about.

Chairperson of Janata Samajwadi Party-Nepal Upendra Yadav told the all-party meeting that the government’s failure to deliver on governance front had brought people on to the streets.

Yadav also criticised the government for trying to weaken federalism by not decentralising power to federal units. “This government is trying to snatch provincial governments’ powers.

Provincial governments do not have their own administration, laws and staff. How can they function?” he wondered. He urged the government to call the winter session of the Parliament to discuss burning issues and to pass urgent bills, including the citizenship bill.

According to Mahat, the PM told the meeting that he would take opposition parties’ suggestions positively. He also told party leaders not to make false allegations against the government, as that could increase people’s anger against the political system of the country.

According to Prime Minister’s Press Adviser Surya Thapa, the PM urged leaders of all political parties to back the government’s efforts to control COVID-19 and fight anti-constitutional forces and forces indulging in violence.