Parturition allowance for buffaloes in Panauti

Kavre, November 16

Panauti Municipality in Kavre has decided to provide parturition allowance of Rs 5,000 for buffaloes.

According to Panauti Mayor Bhim Neupane, farmers must insure their buffaloes to be eligible to receive the allowance. “We have come up with the idea of allowance to attract people towards commercial buffalo farming, and make them financially independent,” Mayor Neupane stated.

The office is registering the birth of newborn calves. A buffalo that bears calf for the first time will be given Rs 5,000 as allowance while Rs 2,000 will be provided for bearing the calf for the second time and onwards.

Farmers have to a provide photo of the buffalo with the newly born calf, ward office’s recommendation and photocopy of citizenship certificate to receive the allowance from the municipality office.

According to Mayor Neupane, Rs 800,000 has been allocated for distribution of buffalo allowance this fiscal.

As many as 247 demand forms have been submitted to the municipality seeking allowance in the current fiscal, said veterinary doctor Mani Prasad Sapkota. The municipality has as many as 4,647 buffaloes. The municipality has set the target of increasing he number of buffaloes   in the municipality to 10,000 in three years. The municipality is producing 45,000 litres of milk on a daily basis.