Party tried to finish me off, says Bhattarai

Nawalparasi, October 4

Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai today revealed that the party had tried to finish him off physically when he raised the issues of the Constituent Assembly and republicanism during the insurgency.

Addressing an interaction organised at Chaudhary Industry in Dumkauli of Nawalparasi, Bhattarai, who quit the UCPN-Maoist recently, recalled that then CPN-Maoist had tried to finish him off. “Action was taken against me even when I was merely a general member of the party, I was held in captivity by the party’s army and anything could have happened to me,” Bhattarai said.

Further, Bhattarai disclosed that an attempt was made to bury him alive under the ground when he protested former king Gyanendra Shah’s call to participate in the government he was leading. “Despite all such ups and downs, I have come so far due to my continuous struggle”, Bhattarai added.

Stating that promulgating the new statute through the Constituent Assembly was his agenda, Bhattarai said that some leaders of his party who were close to the palace had held him in captivity.

Addressing a protest rally at Dhakdahi of Rupandehi, Bhattarai likened the UCPN-Maoist party to a house marked with red sticker. Bhattarai, who was accompanied by his wife Hisila Yami, said, “If the house had developed normal cracks, it could have been repaired and I could have lived in it. But, I had to quit as the house was marked with red sticker”.

Bhattarai held that he had signed the new statute with eyes closed and heart tied. He clarified that he came to the Tarai to correct the errors committed while signing the statute. Noting that the demands raised by the Madhehsi were genuine, Bhattarai urged the agitating Madhesi and Tharu people to move ahead with one voice and commitment to get their demands fulfilled.