Party unification is process for establishment of powerful communist centre: Dahal

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Centre Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said his party initiated a process for party unification with the CPN-UML as it looked forward to seeing the presence of a powerful communist force in the country.

In his address at a ceremony organised in commemoration of the day when the then Maoist party had launched the People's War, leader Dahal said the unification process was going on to meet the greater goal of forming a powerful communist force.

"Completion of the socialist revolution is never possible just on the basis of a general force and that's why a major force is needed," Dahal said, adding that the two parties were in the process of forming a powerful communist party for the cause of a meaningful revolution for socialism.

The socialist revolution was not possible only by mentioning the word 'socialism' in the constitution and shouting its slogan, instead unity and collaboration among the progressive, patriotic and leftist forces were essential for the same, he asserted.

According to Dahal, the political leadership should take a risk time and again, keeping the nation and people in the centre. He further claimed that his party was taking a risk this time for the socialist revolution. Revolution is not possible by whim and craze, people's aspirations and nation's need should be put at the centre.

Stating this, he urged to take into consideration people's aspirations and the national need. He expressed that the unification with UML would be finalised in a day or two, adding they have received the people's mandate to work together for economic prosperity of the country and for the people's economic progress.

"UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli and UML leaders have accepted that the People's War has played an important role in bringing political and social change in the country," he said.

Pointing out the need of a broader thinking for taking the socialist campaign to a logical conclusion, the Maoist Centre Chair said he and his party would in no way deviate from the dreams of the martyrs, the disappeared persons and the combatants injured in course of the People's War.

He further stated that they were thinking of making a powerful communist centre and taking nearly 30 million population of the country in a unified manner, noting that the forces against unity among the communist forces and hatching conspiracies to foil the unification process would be vanquished and these forces will not stand a chance before the people's power.

The Young Communist League, the youth wing of CPN Maoist Centre presented various tableaus at the programme. Maoist Centre leaders and cadres exchanged greetings and tika on the occasion of People's War Day.