Paudel slams UML for ignoring Madhes

Khotang, March 28

Senior Nepali Congress leader Ramchandra Paudel today said unity among the hills, mountains and Tarai was imperative to nurture the feeling of nationality.

Addressing a public awareness meeting organised by the party’s sister wing Nepal Tarun Dal Khotang in Diktel today, the NC leader stressed the need to provide equal focus on all three regions and doubted prosperity of the country could be achieved by prioritising one or the other geographical region over the rest.

The Congress leader, particularly, accused the CPN-UML of harping on the agenda of nationality by ignoring the Madhes that makes up half the country’s population. “Instead of doing the needful to heal the wound of the Saptari tragedy, UML is making acerbic remarks, which harms nationality.”

Further, the NC leader identified communist parties as harbingers of problems. “Around the world, communist forces have always caused problems,” he remarked, adding that solutions to the problems facing the country was only possible from democratic forces.

Paudel described constitution amendment and election as the major issues of the present and urged one and all political parties to move hand-in-hand to ensure political stability and peace in the country. “Statute implementation, resolving the Madhes problem and holding all three levels of election successfully lies on the political parties,” he held.