Many people lose their lives while crossing the Chhindu Khola in Himali Rural Municipality, Bajura.

The government is least bothered about frequent requests for construction of a bridge over the river that leads to Gumba Village.

The authorities concerned are apathetic towards people's plight. As many as seven people have gone missing in the Chhindu Khola in the last ten years. Ward 3 Chair Jagat Lama said that no one had taken initiative to construct a bridge despite frequent requests.

Locals said they had requested local, province and federal governments for the same, but the governments did not heed their requests.

The staffers deployed for the upcoming local level elections will also have to face difficulty due to lack of bridge over the river.

To reach areas such as Gumba, Lampata and Hilali people have to cross the river, and there is no bridge, so they are compelled to risk their lives. Lalu Kunwar, a local, said they had no record of how many people and even livestock went missing in the river.

Phulmati Gurung, another local, said that no one listened to the plight of the locals as the village was in a remote area. The locals said that they crossed Chhindu and Gumba rivers with the help of rope.

The locals said they faced difficulties in crossing the river even in the winter as it was a big river. As many as 26 families live in Gumba and 12 families at Lampata. People who go to collect medicinal herbs also face problems due to lack of bridge.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 17, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.