Permanent headquarter of Province 3 will be fixed through process: CM Poudel

DULIKHEL: Chief Minister of Province 3 Dormani Poudel has said the permanent headquarter of the province would be confirmed through procedures, laws and constitution.

Speaking during a programme organized on an occasion of 32nd establishment day of Dhulikhel Municipality on Saturday, CM Poudel said that it's not haste to fix the headquarter of Province 3. The way temporary capital city is fixed, it is not yet initiated its work, he added.

The day would come to determine the permanent capital and it would be named based on process, policy and rights ensured by the constitution, he shared.

Chief Minister Poudel further said that the municipalities were established as the governments as a result of the achievements of 20 years long struggle for local self-government for the rights of the local bodies.

Chief Minister Poudel was addressing the first of its formal programme after his election to the Chief Minister of the Province No. 3.

On the occasion, Poudel said that he himself was unknown about the model of the Province Government since it was formed for the first time. "I don’t want to create illusion by talking much about this since I am unaware about its model," Poudel said.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Provincial Assembly members Ganga Bahadur Tamang and Gokul Baskota urged to place headquarter of the Province 3 in Kavre district.