Pet parrot’s rote power astounds all

Sarlahi, December 25:

Normally, everyone has heard parrots uttering “Gopi Krishna Kaho”, but few would believe that a parrot is able to memorise more than 100 words in everyday use.

A pet parrot in Geeta Poudel’s house in Hariwan — 5 is familiar with nearly 100 words. It mimics the words to match the situation. Just after dawn, it questions, “Didi, have you had a cup of tea? Where is my tea?” It also imitates their laughter as they are having their morning cup of tea.

A teacher by profession, Geeta says, once it is 10:00 am, it questions, “Rice ready? What have you prepared for lunch? Is there milk?” If visitors come to their house, it questions,

“Who are you looking for?”

As this scribe began to take snaps of the bird, it questioned, “Are you taking my picture?, Why do you need a photo?” Then the parrot jumped to shout, “Didi, who is this man?”

According to commander Krishna Prasad Sapkota at Arjunban battalion in Nawalpur, some species of parrots can cram more words than normal ones. Mainachari has also the aptitude to learn words in accordance with the company, he said.

Parrot trader Makasud Khan in Sunsari’s Ghuski VDC said Amritbhela species of parrot is a fast imitator and can rote out few words. At least 50 species of parrots are found in the Koshi Tappu in, Charkose jungle in the Tarai and Mahabharat and Chure range in upper parts, Khan added. Kagbhela, Karantbhela and Chandanbhela of the parrot species were in demand in the market among pet lovers, Khan said.

A parrot costs between Rs 200 to 1,000 at the market, Khan said, ignorant the illegal act of selling birds. The birds are still openly bought and sold in the market around the district forest office.