Physically disabled man left to fend for himself


Disabled since birth, Rati Thapa, 61, of Badimalika, Bajura is finding it hard to support himself as he ages.

According to local teacher Mani Thapa, the sexagenarian has been living all alone for the past few years. “He has been living alone ever since his only living parent, mother, died 10 years ago. His elder sister died in an accident and his younger sister got married,” said Thapa.

“He could somehow move about until three years ago, but now he hardly can,” he added.

Rati lamented the difficult life he was living. “It’s always difficult to make ends meet.

Again, for a poor man like me winter is a nightmare as I don’t have enough clothes to keep warm,” Rati shared.

“Given his condition, we help him sometimes, but as we live at some distance, it’s not possible to make ourselves available for help all the time,” said Thapa. Despite residing near the district headquarters, hardly anyone comes to help him.