Philippine national collects Rs 6.3 million for quake-hit Lamjung school

LAMJUNG: A Philippine national has announced support to construct a high-tech computer lab in the quake-hit Yeshobrahma Higher Secondary in Gausahar in Lamjung district.

The school building was damaged in the ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ and the regular classes of the students have been affected for lack of proper school building.

Chair of BSC Philippines, an organisation working in education sector in South Asia, Julie Sisson collected a total of Rs 6.3 million on her own and on behalf of the organisation for setting up the lab.

Likewise, she also announced to establish a revolving fund of Rs 500,000 for the educational reforms in school, Rs 100,000 for teachers’ capacity building, Rs 300,000 for relations building among the teachers, parents and students and Rs 50,000 for construction of toilets for the girls in the school.