PLA commander seeks early integration

SURKHET; Mahendra Shahi ‘Prajjwal’, new commander of People’s Liberation Army of the Sixth Division on Monday said they would be compelled to launch yet another movement if they were not integrated into the Nepali Army immediately.

Prajjwal, who was transferred to the Sixth Division in Dasharathpur from the Seventh, made this announcement

while speaking at a press conference in Birendranagar. He said that the PLA would support the Maoists’ movement if it were not integrated into the national security forces soon. He, however, maintained that the PLA would continue to obey the government’s order.

“Peace will not prevail until the two armies exist. There will

neither be peace nor will the

government be able to draft the constitution till the integration takes place. We’re committed to bring a logical end to the peace process,” he said.

“The Maoists paved the

way for the formation of the UML-led coalition government. It is sad that the same coalition partners are trying to sideline us now,” he rued.

He also warned that the PLA would launch an agitation if the NA made fresh recruitment.

“If that happens, we, too, will swell our ranks,” he added.