PLA integration will taint NA: DPM

SARLAHI: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Physical Planning and Works Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar today said that politically indoctrinated Maoist combatants should not be integrated as it could taint the image of the Nepali Army.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Journalism Development Foundation in Malangawa, Gachhadar, said, “The NA is a disciplined, professional and non-political organisation.” He added, “Impartiality and honesty of the NA will cease to exist if the Maoists combatants are integrated.’’ He also claimed that the integrity of the NA will cease if

the combatants are


“If suppose the Maoist combatants are integrated into the NA what about the armies formed by other groups including the Madhes-based parties, can they also be integrated?’’ he questioned.

On the statute-drafting process, Gachhadar said the government will lose its moral grounds if the statute could not be drafted within the stipulated time. He, however, said that the statute will be drafted at any cost.