PM Deuba accuses leftist alliance of plotting to derail democracy

JHAPA: The Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba have accused leftist alliance of plotting to foil the constitution implementation and democracy in Nepal.

PM Deuba said so while addressing an election rally organsed by NC in Gauradaha of Jhapa district on Monday.

Deuba claimed that the leftist alliance forged between the UML and CPN Maoist Centre was to capture state power for their personal interests.

He also said that totalitarianism is not accepted in the nation and urged the voters to restrain such ideology through vote.

PM Deuba reiterated that the leftist alliance was formed to foil the Constitution implementation and democracy in the nation so as to bring totalitarianism rule in Nepal.

He said democracy will lose if the Congress were to lose the election which according to him will pave the way for a single party authoritarianism in the country.

"People have the right to live, express and speak freely as well as the right to profess a different ideology and protest in a democracy. But in a communist dictatorship the people cannot even walk freely," he said.

Stating that it was the Nepali Congress which has been protecting the people's rights and considering the people as the sovereign since 2007 BS, NC president Deuba alleged that the communists were trying to revive the autocracy espoused by the late king Mahendra.

He said the communist rule has become obsolete across the world.

PM Deuba is in eastern Nepal addressing eletion rallies prior to the second phase of House of Representatives and State Assemblies.

The first phase of House of Representatives and Provincial elections were held on Sunday in 32 districts. The second phase elections in 45 districts are scheduled for December 7.

As per the constitutional requirement, Nepal should hold all level of elections by January 21 for the implementation of constitution and federalism.